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def hardlink::HardLink::print_stats (   self  ) 

Print the statistics at the end of the run

Definition at line 161 of file hardlink.py.

00161                          :
        '''Print the statistics at the end of the run'''
        print 'Mode:    ', self.opts.dry_run and 'dry-run' or 'real'
        print 'Files:   ', sum(len(files) for files in self.files.itervalues())
        print 'Linked:  ', self.linked, 'files'
        print 'Compared:', self.compared, 'files'
        print 'Saved:   ', format(self.saved)
        print 'Duration: %.2f seconds' % (time.time() - self.start)

    def divide_and_conquer(self):

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